Best Embroidery Machine For Home Use Reviewed

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Looking for the best embroidery machine for home use? The purpose of this review is to help you choose an embroidery machine with the best features at the best price. There is a huge range of machines on the market with each offering a range of features and prices points. Choosing the best model for you needs can be challenging.

Firstly, you will need to decide if you need an embroidery only machine or a combine embroidery and sewing machine. If you already have a sewing machine then you will be looking for an embroidery only machine. If not then a combine embroidery and sewing machine would be a good choice for home use. Of course, it also depends on how much use you intend to make of the machine.

If you intend to use the machine as a hobby to design and embroidery your own and your kid clothes then you will likely opt for a cheaper model. However, if you plan to produce some commercial embroidery then you would need to invest in a more robust machine. When an embroidery or sewing machine is used on a commercial basis. It needs to be more durable and have all the required functions.

When choosing the best embroidery machine for home use here are some important points to consider.

1. Chose a manufacturer who will provide top class support like Singer, Brother, and Janome.

2. Your skill level. If you are a beginner then you will want a model that is easy to setup and operate.

2. Embroidery only or a dual embroidery and sewing machine.

3. Decide what hoop size you need, 4×4″ 5×7″, and 6×8″ are the most popular.

4. What type of embroidery do you intend to produce? Monogramming, stitching, ruffles etc.

5. Embroidery designs, be sure that addition designs are available and are easily added to the machine.

6. Design editing. If you plan to create your own designs then you will need a machine with this capability that is easy to use.

This review features 5 of the best embroidery machine for home use.

ImageNameSewing & EmbrideryRatingPrice
The Brother PE525 Embroidery only MachineNo4.2
Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing MachineYes4.5$$$
Brother PE770 5x7 inch Embroidery-only machineNo4.4$$$$
Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Only MachineNo4.2$$$$$
SINGER Futura XL-400 Sewing and Embroidery MachineYes3.5$$$

Now you are aware of what to look for to get best embroidery machine for home use. Purchasing and embroidery machine or a sewing machine will require significant investment, you can spend from a few hundred dollars to several thousand on a top of the range commercial model. So it’s important to make the right choice. Buying an embroidery machine is not a simple task. But having a checklist of the features you need will make it easier to make a decision.

Also, it’s important to do your research. Check online reviews of actual users. Be sure you understand all the feature and capability of the machine especially if you are a beginner.

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