Brother pe500 Embroidery Machine Review

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The Brother pe500 Embroidery Machine delivers elegant designs at a price that is quite affordable. Additionally, this is a machine that is quite simple to use and is equipped with a variety of features that make embroidery as simple as possible. This machine is versatile and can be an asset to both beginners as well as designers that are experienced.

brother pe500
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Below, we will provide you with a brief review of the Brother pe500 Embroidery machine, which many have determined to be one of the best available.

Brother pe500 Key Features and Specifications

The features and specifications of this embroidery machine truly allow it to stand out from others within the industry.

  • The most noteworthy are as follows:
  •  For the combining of different designs, the embroidery space measures in at 4-inches by 4-inches
  •  There is computer connectivity allowing users to import designs and download updates and more.
  •  An embroidery start kit is included.
  • For easy viewing and editing, there is an LCD Touch Screen.
  • The workspace is very when lit, therefore there is no need for any additional light sources as you work on your     projects.
  • Built in there are a total of 5 lettering fonts and 70 embroidery designs.

As wondrous as the features and specifications of the embroidery machine are, the cons must be noted. Upon using and inspecting the machine, there were only two cons that could be found and they are as follows:

  • Although the Brother PE 500 offers exceptional embroidery, there is no sewing function on this machine. You will need an additional machine for sewing.
  • Additional software is REQUIRED in order for the embroidery machine to deliver excellent embroidery.

Conclusion on Brother pe500

Do to the fact that the Brother pe525 Embroidery Machine is affordably priced and is quite easy to use, it is ideal for both beginners as well as expert level designers. The set-up, as well as the bobbin preparation are also easy and hassle-free, allowing users to begin their projects faster that with other machines.

In addition, the LCD touch screen allows users to view designs before begin and the ability to editing features with great ease.

Even with its duo of cons, the Brother PE 500 will be able to take your embroidery to the next level quickly and easily. The ample and well-lit workspace and the minimal learning curve will have you enhancing and/or revitalizing items around you in a matter of minutes. Overall, with all of the machines that are available, this is among the very best for designers of all levels.

Please note that Brother has updated this model and is now the pe525 which you can review here and get the latest price at Amazon.