Best Monogram Machine Review

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When it comes to creating customized monogrammed gifts for yourself or as a business then having a Monogram Machine in essential. If you have a modern computerized embroidery machine then you have the capability you need to create amazing monograms. You may need some software and additional fonts depending on the type of machine you own.
Being able to use a computerized embroidery machine is a luxury for most people because they are expensive. There are plenty of people who make use of sewing and embroidery to earn extra income from home and there is a great demand for such work. Even on the catwalk, you will constantly find various items of clothing with embroidery.

It’s important to keep in mind that in order to attain some form of income, you must invest in good quality equipment. Janome, Singer and Brother are three of the most coveted brands in the industry. They are most popularly known for having efficient and high quality products specifically used for both commercial and home embroidery.

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Singer and Janome have maintained their status as the top monogram sewing machine for the home over the past few years. On the other hand, Brother makes use of state of the art technologies and innovative processes to create their incredible products. Their brand is popular around the world because of the wide selection of products it offers.

Brother monogram machines are suitable for various budgets and user skill levels. Singer was first established in 1851 when it successfully created the first ever zigzag machine. Additionally, they were also well known for inventing the very first portable machine and the first ever computerized machine. Since its inception, Singer has been a leader in the sewing and embroidery industry.

The brand is popularly known for producing state of the art yet easy to use sewing and embroidery machines. If you’re currently looking for a monogram machine, you should keep in mind certain factors to help you locate the most suitable product. Here are the best monogram machines available in the market today.

Best Monogram Machine – Our Top 3



monogram machineThe Brother PE770 retails for over $600 and it is a worthy investment. Since it has a spacious area for embroidery, you will be able to work conveniently. It also allows you to monogram bigger items which you wouldn’t be able to do when using a machine that has a smaller area for embroidery.

The best part about the Brother PE770 model is that the user will be able to conveniently combine various types of designs without rehooping multiple times. Even when the user is working on more complex designs, they will easily be able to work on it because of the amazing backlit display.

The impressive built in design of this machine includes scroll work, patterns, frame shapes, border styles, floral designs and much more. With the Brother PE770, your design options are endless because you will be able to create your own monograms for example.

Another amazing feature it offers is being able to import designs using a USB or a Brother memory card. It is capable of storing lots of data so you’ll be able to store your designs for future use. It’s built in software also allows users to edit extensively without experiencing any problems. Its amazing features includes increasing and decreasing size, rotate and mirror image. Get the latest price here.



monogramming machineThe Singer XL400 is one of the best embroidery machines for monogramming you can purchase in the market today. It has a very spacious embroidery which provides users ease of use and convenience. If you’re looking for a high-quality machine which will be able to provide all your needs, this product is a sure winner.

It currently retails for over $500 and it’s worth every penny. Most sewing and embroidery experts consider the Singer XL400 model to be the best combined machine you can find which costs less than $600. You will be able to create designs as big as 12×20″ using this machine. Since it has a very spacious embroidery area, you will be able to easily work on your monogram designs.

Setting up the machine is also very convenient. It has built in lights which make working on various projects extremely fast and easy. The threading system is also very impressive. The presser on the feet is already included when you purchase the machine. Its embroidery software is cable of reading various types of files. With the help of its built-in software, users will be able to customize their own designs.

Another great feature of this machine is that it works seamlessly while being very quiet which can be an issue with other models. The Singer XL400 has an 18.5×11″ embroidery area and 2 hoops. Its library is complete with 125 embroidery designs, 5 monogramming fonts, and 30 sewing stitches. Users will be able to conveniently connect it to their computers using a USB cable. The machine weighs 49.1lbs and makes use of a Drop and Sew bobbin system. Get the latest price here.



monogram sewing machineThe main advantage that Brother SE400 has over its competitors is its versatility. You will be able to conveniently quilt, sew and embroider using this high quality and innovative machine. Creative minds will find it a breeze to use the Brother SE400 because it’s completely unique, customized simple to setup and use.

It has an impressive 4×4″ embroidery area and a total of 67 unique stitches. Users will find it a joy to use its 98 stitch functions which perform seamlessly. Its library has 120 frame patterns, 70 designs, and 5 lettering fonts. It is fully compatible with and it has an amazing LCD touch screen for optimum efficiency.

The Brother SE400 weighs 23.8lbs and it can be connected to a computer using a USB. The Brother SE400 model is the best monogram machine for beginner users. It is extremely easy and convenient to use its functions since it was specifically created to be user friendly. It is also compatible with .pen files and .pes files.

When you unpack the machine for the first time upon initial purchase, you will find a 4×4″ hoop, soft cover, embroidery arm, embroidery bobbin thread, arm and accessory compartment, USB cable and an accessory bag. The Brother SE400 has plenty of amazing features and it’s totally a steal for the price.

According to reviews of people who’ve already used the machine, it is extremely easy to transport and it’s a very sturdy and compact design. It’s an amazing monogram sewing machine for both beginners and experts. One of its biggest benefits is being able to rotate the embroidery designs displayed on the LCD screen. Users will also be able to modify and edit their stitch designs on the machine’s LCD screen. Get the latest price here.


Here is a video on how to do a simple monogram using a brother embroidery machine.

In Conclusion.

Before you make a decision on which embroidery machine works best for you need you will need to consider what you mostly intend to use the machine for. If the machine is for home use only, a combined sewing embroidery and monogram machine would possibly be the most cost effective.

If you intend to do some commercial embroidery and monogramming then a more advanced dedicated embroidery machine would be a good choice.

However, all this is just my personal opinion. So I would advise you to go and check out all the reviews both good and bad for each monogram machine before you make a final choice. The best place I have found to do this is at Amazon.

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