Brother PE 770 Embroidery Machine Review

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Embroidery is the ancient craft of decorating fabric using a needle and thread. It helps make clothes look stunning and unique. You can use embroidery to mark your kids’ clothes to make them unique avoid them getting lost. Having a machine like the Brother PE 770 embroidery machine helps a lot in making the work easier and completing the embroidery work in a short period of time. Manual embroidery is very time-consuming and requires a good amount of skill.

There are various embroidery machines on the market and some are more durable than others. Whether you do embroidery as a pass time activity or as a source of income, having a high-tech embroidery machine is of must. This is because it will include many features which will help make the embroidery process easier and produce higher quality work. The machine should also be affordable but the quality of the machine should not be compromised. The following review offers detailed information on the best selling Brother PE 770 embroidery machine.

Brother PE770 will help you take your embroidery projects to a whole new level. It is among the most popular computerized embroidery machines on the market. With this embroidery machine, it will be easy for you to import and edit the embroidery designs as well as save the changes that have been made.

Regardless of you being new or experienced when it comes to embroidery this is the machine that you should check out. This is because it’s easy to use it and you end up saving time.

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Brother PE 770 Embroidery Machine Features

Brother PE770 comes with a back lit LCD display screen. The size of the field is 5×7 inches. The machine offers ample space to the user and has a number of various inbuilt designs; there are 136 in all. Brother PE770 has 6 inbuilt embroidery fonts and a USB port. It is compatible with USB sticks which help store different designs. You have a chance to edit your designs at will and import hundreds of new designs for iBrother or other online sites.

The Brother PE 770 embroidery machine comes with an automatic thread cutter. There are various options to adjust the speed and there is an automatic needle threader. You have the option to rotate the embroidery to one, ten or ninety degrees. The Brother PE770 has an embroidery tracing machine and a non-embroidery basting option.

Brother PE770 is a high technology embroidery which makes it stand out from other embroidery machines and this it makes it easy for one to use it. The machine is flexible since it has ten inbuilt frame shapes and twelve inbuilt border shapes. Therefore, you can choose from the inbuilt frame and shape that you want.

The machine offers flexibility on the designs since you can rotate the embroidery at 1, 10 and 90 degrees which lead to degree increments .The quality of embroidery and design that are produced by Brother PE 770 is stunning. The machine can be used to embroider light, medium and heavy fabrics and the quality of the fabric is maintained.

The LCD touchscreen is used in editing the designs that you want. Therefore, it is easy for one to correct and modify the embroidery to their needs. The inbuilt embroidery slot can help you acquire additional the designs that have been made available by the Brother. There are a number of inbuilt embroidery designs; hence, you can choose according to what pleases you. The USB memory function helps you to store your own embroidery designs which you can use later. You can also make some of your custom embroidery designs.

The automatic needle threader, quick set bobbin system and F.A.S.T bobbin winding system help you get setup fast. .If you do not know how to use the machine you can follow the directions which are available on the LCD screen to guide you on how to use it. The Brother PE 770 embroidery machine is affordable when compared to other embroidery machines and it offers many benefits.

Brother PE770 cannot be used in countries which do not support 10AC. The manual that comes with the machine does not explain how to hoop different materials apart from a flat piece of fabric. Therefore, you have to download information on how to hoop from other sources. There are times the tension on the bobbin thread is off which leads to the needle breaking. When this happens you have to ensure that before you use it, you check the tension and if the needle breaks all you have to do is just replace it.

Brother PE 770 Embroidery Machine Features Conclusion

If you are looking for a cheap embroidery machine that is worth the money Brother PE770 should be on your short list. The machine comes with high-tech features that make it stand out from other embroidery machines. Brother PE770 produces high-quality embroidery and is easy to setup and operate even for a beginner. The machine has all that one would look for in an embroidery machine at an affordable price.

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